We build AI tools and software to create hyper-realistic synthetic media at scale

Our mission is to expand the frontiers of human expression through the ethical application of AI and build a future where everyone can create deeply relevant and delightful content for the communities they care about.

World-leading innovators

Metaphysic is co-founded by world-leading artificial intelligence artist, Chris Ume, who has developed many of the tools and techniques behind today’s best known deep fakes. From the viral sensation ‘DeepTomCruise’ to South Park’s ‘Sassy Justice’, Chris and the team are at the forefront of innovation in synthetic media an AI-assisted content creation.

Who We Are


Chris Umé


Thomas Graham

Co-Founder & CEO

Kevin Umé


The media represents a world that is more real than reality that we can experience. People lose the ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. They also begin to engage with the fantasy without realizing what it really is.

Jean Baudrillard
Simulacra and Simulation

this is a fake quote often attributed to Baudrillard, but does it really matter?