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See what's possible with synthetic and AI content

Metaphysic builds software to help creators make incredible content with the help of artificial intelligence.


Benefits of working with Metaphysic

Celebrity or actor not available to shoot. No problem.

We create hyper-realistic synthetic performances without the celebrity or actor ever being on set.

Deep fakes that don't look fake.

Our technology and AI models create realistic and natural representations of faces, without looking cartoonish or uncanny.

Cost effective.

Less expensive than shooting in-person or using unrealistic computer graphics.

Endless content variation and editing possibilities.

AI-assisted content creation is extremely flexible. Easily edit expressions, facial feature or entire faces or create localised content without further shooting.


Hyper-real content without shooting in person

Metaphysic worked with Gillette (P&G) and Nice Shoes to recreate the excitement of Deion Sanders’ iconic 1989 draft day drip. We created a synthetic version of the young Sanders exactly as he looked on the night he was drafted. The campaign aired during the 2021 NFL Draft, generating millions of engagements and happy fans.

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Bring fan favourites back to life

The Belgian Football Association wanted something special for their fans during the UEFA Euro 2020 football competition (held in 2021). We created hyperreal synthetic versions of two iconic late Belgium team managers to give the team and the nation an extra pep talk before the tournament.

Recreate old footage using AI

Make old content new again. Metaphysic’s AI tools can be used to reconstruct low resolution footage and breathe new life into old favorites. Metaphysic recently reconstructed an old clip of famous signer Jacques Brel. See how the AI adds incredible detail and color not present in the original clip.


What people say about us

“Working with the Metaphysic team to recreate a young Deion inspired the same nostalgia, hope and awe that defines his place in the American psyche. Best of all, the realism of the technology really elevated the illusion and captured the imagination of our audience.”

Harv Glazer

Metaphysic’s technology might as well come from another universe, or crash landed from the future. Because it’s so powerful it will change how we understand and perceive reality itself.

Steve Tidball, CEO Vollebak

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