Vote for Metaphysic – AGT 22 Semi finals

Vote for Metaphysic AGT Semis 2022
Vote for Metaphysic AGT Semis 2022

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We need your support to continue the journey

We have reached the semis, which is fantastic. This is true.

If you want Metaphysic to go on and reach the finals of AGT, you just need to vote for us using AGT’s website or AGT’s mobile app. Scroll down to see how you can vote.

We have prepared a very unique act for AGT’s finals. Please support us today if you want to see one of the most iconic performers returning to life.

This is how you can do it. 👇

When can I vote for Metaphysic on America's Got Talent?

AGT voting will open on Tuesday, the 30th of August 2022, at 8 p.m. ET during the Live Shows and closes on Wednesday at 7 a.m. ET.

How often can I vote for Metaphysic on America's Got Talent?

You are limited to 10 votes per method of voting. You can vote more than once for Metaphysic if you use both the website and the app.

How to vote at

  • Go to and register if you have not already done so. 
  • Then you just sign in, click on Metaphysic, and assign us the number of votes you desire to cast.
  • Then click on Save.
AGT - Website - Voting

How to vote using the America's Got Talent app

  • First, download the official America’s Got Talent app from the Apple App store or Google Play.
  • Then you create an account and sign in.
  • Click Go to Vote Now.
  • Find Metaphysic and assign us the number of votes you wish to cast.
  • Then click on Save.
AGT - Voting - App

Thanks a lot for the incredible support. We couldn’t make it without you guys. And finger-crossed, let’s reach AGT 2022’s finals, together! 

We love you all! 

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